Canvas Painting


Ice Abstract Painting

I made a new abstract painting that started off with some basic lines and dots, then transformed into something else. A lot of energy went into this abstract and I had a good time expressing...

Diana’s Day Acrylic Painting – Sold

Diana's day is an original painting that I made for someone. The toughest part of this painting was getting the skin tones to look like the real life skin tones. The golden hair was something...
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Syfy Living Good – Official Painting

I'm finally finished with the Syfy living good canvas painting, as of 3/18/2017. I'm into a little bit of numerology so let me break this painting down using numerology(hidden knowledge of┬ánumbers).   Syfy Living = 58...

Cat Castaway Original Painting Available

Excited to finish this last painting, which shows kittens being sent off from kitty island for bad behavior. This painting is now available, here is the link: Click here  
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