Canvas Painting

Dogoniverse – Orignal Acrylic Painting Available Now

It's black history month, and I wanted to make something that shows the energy of the Dogon tribe of West Africa. Before I get into the painting, I want to talk about the Dogon Tribe....
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Syfy Living Good – Official Painting

I'm finally finished with the Syfy living good canvas painting, as of 3/18/2017. I'm into a little bit of numerology so let me break this painting down using numerology(hidden knowledge of numbers).   Syfy Living = 58...

Enter The Wuce – Bruce Lee Acrylic Painting

Artist Thoughts I remember watching many of the Bruce Lee films growing up, and being in absolute awe over some his moves. It brings me great pleasure to present my latest painting, "Enter The Wuce". In this...

Cat Castaway Original Painting Available

Excited to finish this last painting, which shows kittens being sent off from kitty island for bad behavior. This painting is now available, here is the link: Click here  
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