I made this abstract painting on September 14th 2916, and it shows buildings on the left hand side of the painting. With a speeding train in the middle of the painting, at an angle.

You can see many different things when you look at this painting, that’s why I turned the image around. This painting was done on a poster, and I like posters to practice on, because I’m still getting used to how I want to make art.

Buildings are pretty easy to make with a card, but still challenging if you want perfect squares. In the beginning of this painting I was trying to make a eye, with a beard, but everything ended up being much different then what I thought.

In conclusion, this looks like an action scene to me, but it can be anything you want in the world of abstract.

When I was younger I would go to the different book stores and pick up different how to draw books and just read. Fast forward today, and I still enjoy painting/drawing, and most importantly inspiring others through the arts.