This was an interesting hot day at the farmers market, I was able to keep cool with some water
and music from our dj.

Because I was moving around, it felt like the sun was sitting next to me, but I made it by.

I was able to make two art pieces while I was at the farmers market.

The first piece was a face with other splash effects, lines, and other effects. This was a crowd
favorite, and I like the final piece.


I Found something interesting while looking at the images on this art piece. This part of the painting looks like it is showing a man walking through the wind.


Let me point out what I see in this image below:

jacket man

The next art piece was going to show a moon, but I decided to go with another moon:

I wanted to add more to this painting, but instead, I’m going to work on some other things.

My deviantart page has a total of 200 deviations, and I’m looking forward to making 300 deviations in the future.

I have about 300 more art pieces in my mind, so now it’s time to put them on something and have a blast.

Thanks for stopping by


When I was younger I would go to the different book stores and pick up different how to draw books and just read. Fast forward today, and I still enjoy painting/drawing, and most importantly inspiring others through the arts.