I’m finally finished with the Syfy living good canvas painting, as of 3/18/2017. I’m into a little bit of numerology so let me break this painting down using numerology(hidden knowledge of numbers).

Syfy Living Good Official Painting


Syfy Living = 58 In Kemetic numerology (Pythagorean Numerology), Kemetic numerology reduces each letter of the alphabet. For example the letter “S” is the 19th letter of the alphabet, so in kemetic numerology you reduce 19 down to 1 (1+9 = 10 / 1+0 = 1).

Now once we reduce this number down, we then add each reduced number(root number). So in the case of the YouTube channel name “Syfy Living” the sum of the reduced numbers sums to 58.

  • Ancient Egypt = 58
The 58 refers to very deep thinking subjects and intellectual pursuits; a number of insights.
Write out the number as a word “Fifty eight” = 61

The same date I published my first syfy living sketch on YouTube was on 2/22/2017:

2+22+20+17 = 61

So basically, the date that I published the first sketch of Syfy linked to her name. If you think that is coincidence, check this out, the day that I finished the painting was on 3/18/2017:

  • 3+18+20+17 = 58 
  • Syfy living= 58
  • Ancient Egypt = 58 
  • Mississippi = 58 in the english Ordinal system of numerology (I reside in Mississippi)
  • Fifty Eight = 61 

So to me, this is not coincidence, and it was destiny for me to make this sketch and painting.

On top of these numbers, you can also see the Egyptian god Thoth or Djehuty on the left hand side of the painting and the reduction of the number 58, along with 61 on the bottom middle of this piece.

I chose the Egyptian god Thoth because of his wisdom and deep intellectual thoughts as a scribe of ancient times.

I’ll have better new images, and a video about this painting out soon. Also, I’m extremely tired, and I gotta take a short break too!

Here is the foundation of this photo:

When I was younger I would go to the different book stores and pick up different how to draw books and just read. Fast forward today, and I still enjoy painting/drawing, and most importantly inspiring others through the arts.