Thinking Monk

I wanted to make sketch similar to the the Bruce Lee painting that I made the other day. The painting ended up being a monk, which looks better than the monk I made a while back.


Many times, I find that you can simply suggest the fingers of your characters or people. For example, instead of drawing the entire hand, maybe just drawing the shadow heavy part of the hand.

Overall, this was a fun sketch to make, and I look forward to more in the future.

Also, I painted another character on a poster, and this shows a man walking into an energy field.

Enter Energy

This almost reminds me of a samurai, that is going back into time, or walking into a waterfall.

When I was younger I would go to the different book stores and pick up different how to draw books and just read. Fast forward today, and I still enjoy painting/drawing, and most importantly inspiring others through the arts.